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Rental Application
I/ We agree to rent from the Landlord Murray Bay, LLC the following premises:
Rental Address
I/We hereby certify the information provided on this form (Applicant's Particulars) to be true. I/We agree that upon acceptance of this Rental Application by the Landlord, I/We shall enter into a Tenancy Agreement incorporating the above terms into the Landlord's usual form which I/We have been given the opportunity to review, in which event the deposit shall be applied towards the rent of the last month's occupancy. IF I/WE SHOULD FAIL TO ENTER INTO SUCH TENANCY AGREEMENT, IN ADDITION TO ANY OTHER RIGHT TO DAMAGES ACCRUING TO THE LANDLORD, I/WE AGREE AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE DEPOSIT SHALL BE FORFEITED.

If, through no fault of the Landlord, it is unable to give possession of the rented premises on the date of commencement of the term, the Landlord shall not be subject to any liability to the Applicants and shall give possession as soon as the Landlord is able to do so. Failure to give possession on the date of commencement shall not in any way affect the validity of the Tenancy Agreement, the obligations of the Tenant(s) or in any way be construed to extend the term of this Tenancy Agreement. In the event that a Tenancy Agreement is entered into, this Rental Application will be deemed to form part of the Tenancy Agreement. Any omission or misstatement by the Applicant(s) in this Rental Application may result in review of your tenancy by the Landlord even after occupancy has been taken.

Applicant Information:
Name (Last/First)
Date of Birth
E-mail Address
Telephone # (Home)
Telephone # (Business)
Present Address
Postal Code
Length of Time at 
Present Address
Landlord's Name & Telephone #
Reason For Leaving
Occupation/Employed How Long
Contact Person & Telephone #

PROPOSED OCCUPANTS (Other than Applicant(s)

It is understood that only the Applicant(s) and occupant(s) listed below are to occupy the rented unit. Any occupancy changes must be reported to Management and require the Landlord's written approval. The applicant(s) are advised to have insurance  coverage in sufficient amount for liability and on their personal contents against fire, theft and water damage risk. The TENANCY AGREEMENT WILL BE READ thoroughly before acceptance.
Occupant #1
Occupant #2
Occupant #3

The information provided herein may be used by the landlord or his agent to determine whether to accept this application. By clicking the Agree button below, the applicant acknowledges that the landlord may contact authorities to ensure the information provided is accurate.


Please click the I Agree button once, then check your e-mail for confirmation.

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